Ashley Graham sets pulses racing in plunging swimsuit after divulging beauty secrets

Ashley Graham, 35, sizzled on social media, flaunting her enviable curves in a black lace bodysuit while lounging by the stunning French coastline.

The fashion model, also a Revlon spokesperson, added an edgy touch to her chic look with sunglasses, a tousled updo, and understated makeup.

Dripping in diamond jewellery, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition star's three newly shared images on her Instagram were a testament to her effortless elegance.

The glamorous photoshoot unfolded on the balcony of her hotel during the Cannes Film Festival last month. Alongside her dazzling style, Ashley has also been making headlines with her skincare revelations.

She recently divulged to Byrdie that she has turned towards the traditional Chinese practice of Gua Sha, seeing it as an alternative to Botox. "I've seen so many girls do Gua Sha so wrong and I feel like I have the best teacher in the whole world," she admitted. Graham was referring to Sandra Lanshin, who is not just a Gua Sha expert but also her acupuncturist.

Ashley Graham in Cannes
Ashley Graham in Cannes

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She insisted: "You don't need filler, you just need Gua Sha. I tell her all the time, like you are my Botox." Dr Ervina Wu, PhD, L.Ac., and the co-founder of YINA, elaborated on the practice to Harper's Bazaar, describing it as a full-body treatment that's often misunderstood.

The technique involves scraping the skin, usually the upper back, to enhance blood flow, promote lymphatic drainage, stimulate points on the body, and create an immune response. While the resulting petechiae (tiny, flat red, purple spots) might look dramatic, they are painless and usually fade within days.

But Gua Sha isn't Ashley's only skincare secret. She also revealed her affinity for red light infrared sauna blankets. She believes in their healing power and finds it rejuvenating to "lay in bed, snuggle up in one and sweat your butt off."

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Ashley looks phenomenal
Ashley looks phenomenal

Being a busy working mother of three, Ashley has had to balance her skincare regime with parenting responsibilities. Her husband, Justin Ervin, and she are currently in a life stage where "a crying baby matters more than if the SPF got on," she says.

Consequently, her skincare routine has had to adapt, becoming swifter and less complicated. "Everything in the morning has to be faster and less steps. I used to be the type of person [where] everything has its own little space and gets put away. Now, if it's not out and I can't see it, it's not going on," she shared.

She even recounted her biggest beauty blunder from her school days—overindulgence in tanning beds. A misstep she quickly rectified, aware of its potential harm.

Ashley shares her beauty secrets
Ashley shares her beauty secrets

The model, voted the number one on Maxim's Hot 100 Sexiest Women list in May, surprised fans with her choice of an unlikely skincare product—Dial Hand Soap. "I saw this girl with perfect skin on TikTok use it, so I did it and I have not gone back. It gets everything so clean," she enthused.

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Another unexpected beauty habit she has adopted is taping her mouth shut before bedtime. This is done to prevent issues like a scratchy throat, bad breath, and snoring which can occur due to mouth-breathing during sleep.

She even shared an image of herself practising the same, and confidently recommended it saying, "I started taping my mouth shut when I sleep and I have never slept better - and even better when I wake up. Don't knock it till you try it!!"

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