Ashley Graham just showed her baby bump and danced like a boss

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Model and self-love advocate, Ashley Graham, recently shared the very exciting news that she is pregnant with her second child (she already shares the most adorable son, Isaac, with her cinematographer husband, Justin Ervin)! Oh, and as we've come to know and love about her, Ashley seems like she's going to continue keeping it candid on social media, by taking her followers along for the ride too.

Never one to take things too seriously (remember when her front tooth broke off and we all got a glimpse on Instagram?), Ashley just posted a TikTok showing off her baby bump and well, twerking like an absolute pro.

She chose to make her video to an audio clip of a woman saying "You look good, don't change!" (love it) and mouthed along in time perfectly, while throwing some shapes and stroking her baby bump – all while wearing nothing but underwear and some Crocs. Honestly, it really is the Crocs for me.

Ashley captioned the TikTok upload, which has since been viewed over a million times, with: "and today’s affirmation is…"

When announcing her pregnancy, Ashley shared an absolutely stunning side-on shot of herself (taken by Justin) with her bump out, taken in the great outdoors (think: a field at twilight, with moody, atmospheric clouds).

She accompanied the image with a poignant caption that said, "The past year has been full of tiny surprises, big griefs, familiar beginnings and new stories. I’m just beginning to process and celebrate what this next chapter means for us ❤️ ."

Fans and celebrities alike filled the comments with happy messages. Hailey Bieber wrote, "Yayyyy 😍😍😍😍 congrats Mama" while makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes added, "So happy for you guys. Love you all loads and loads ❤️"

During and following her previous pregnancy with Isaac, Ashley was super honest about how her body changed and the postpartum side effects she'd experienced, including hair loss (and it's subsequent regrowth) and bladder weakness. It lead many to praise the model for breaking down taboos with her posts and for helping other women to feel less alone throughout their own pregnancies and the post-birth process.

We can't help but agree, and are excited for Ashley's posts throughout her current baby-growing nine months, too. Congratulations again, Ashley and Justin!

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