Ashley Graham just got very real about working out post-pregnancy

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Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

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As celebrity mums go, Ashley Graham is pretty much a beacon. The model gave birth to her son, Isaac, in January of this year, and she made sure to document all the realities of pregnancy and post-partum for her followers - from breastfeeding to a changing body shape; insomnia to stretch marks.

Now, Ashley has shared another candid insight into the realities of a post-baby body, focussing on what it's like to exercise. In an Instagram story she recently uploaded, she films herself working out with her personal trainer at the gym. From behind her face mask, as she swings a weight over her left-hand shoulder, you can hear Ashley say, "I just peed a little. I'm not kidding!"

Despite the fact it's totally normal to experience a bit of urinary incontinence - the unintentional passing of urine - following pregnancy and birth, it's something that is still very rarely spoken about. So hearing from someone like Ashley Graham that it happens to them is entirely refreshing, and will no doubt make many women feel better about themselves.

"Being pregnant and giving birth can weaken the muscles that control the flow of urine from your bladder," explains the NHS, which also advises strengthening your pelvic floor muscles as a means of preventing or overcoming the issue.

Experiencing a change in body, like a weakened bladder, after having a baby is nothing to be ashamed of - and Ashley Graham is certainly not about to get down and out about it. In the next Instagram story, she can be seen stopping her exercise, dancing up to the camera to the Ja Rule song playing around her. Later, she lifts some killer weights before conquering mountain climbers. Ain't nothin' gonna stop her.

What. A. Woman.

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