Ashley Graham just broke off her front tooth and her reaction is hilarious

Kate Pasola
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From Cosmopolitan

Ashley Graham has had an eventful year to say the least. For one thing, after welcoming a baby boy in January (you can see pictures here and here) she began her parenthood journey during a global pandemic.

Those unexpected circumstances haven't stopped her from continuing to be a complete and utter legend. She's been super busy providing us with tonnes of beauty tricks on IG live - hello, incredible eyebrow pencil hack).

But the epically accident-prone Ashley didn't stop here - this morning she posted a video revealing yet another unexpected circumstance - that is, the falling out of her ACTUAL FRONT TOOTH. You heard me.

In the post, captioned "👀", she can be seen hiding her mouth behind her hand for the majority of the video, while saying:

"Shout out to Linda Graham for making the best oatmeal cookies in the world, and putting them in the freezer, and having you daughter break her tooth on them."

She then reveals the scene of the crime, laughing at the camera as she shows off the filed down stub where once her trusty veneer lay.

Ash is no stranger to dental mishaps (remember when Kim K had to pull spinach from her teeth at the Met Gala?). But not only is this a word of warning to anybody else out there vulnerable to the risks of frozen batch cooking, it's also a tale of the highs and lows of veneers.

After all, Ashley's smile is one in a kabillion, but we don't imagine it's super comfortable waiting to have your literal toothypeg installed with a replacement veneer.

Ashley, we wish your beautiful set of gnashers a speedy recovery.

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