Ashley Benson dating Brandon Davis

Ashley Benson dating Brandon Davis credit:Bang Showbiz
Ashley Benson dating Brandon Davis credit:Bang Showbiz

Ashley Benson is dating Brandon Davis.

The 33-year-old 'Pretty Little Liars' actress is currently seeing Brandon - the 43-year-old grandson of oil tycoon Marvin Davis - and the pair are said to be smitten.

A source told PEOPLE: "They have a lot of mutual friends and are both super fun and very social people."

Ashley and Brandon - who has dated Mischa Barton and is best known for his feud with Lindsay Lohan - have been spotted together courtside at a basketball game and recently enjoyed a double date with Emma Roberts and her boyfriend Cody John.

Meanwhile, Ashley - who has previously dated stars including G-Eazy and Cara Delevingne - has insisted she likes to keep her relationships private.

Speaking after her split from Cara, she said: "I usually keep my relationships private. You obviously can’t help if you get photographed together. [But] it’s more sacred that way. Those private moments are for you and your partner, and I think it’s best not to be over-exposed, and you can really protect your relationship if you’re not exploiting it.

"The most annoying part is having to sit back and be quiet while everybody talks about you and you have to deal with it. People can say whatever they want about me, but unless you know me, you don’t really know anything at all."

And, Ashley says therapy has been important for her to look after her mental health.

She said: "“Therapy is good. I believe in it very strongly. It’s always good to talk with someone about anything you’re dealing with, whether it’s positive or negative.

"It’s good to talk to a third party about what’s going on in my life. I need to be surrounded by positive people. I have an amazing core group."