Ashley Benson confirms she’s dating Cara Delevingne with this one word

Anna Lewis
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    Imagine if a man referred to his girlfriend as "mine" on social media. Would be a totally different story on Yahoo! "News".
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    Oh right, because posting on Instagram is all about "keeping [one's] relationship quiet"...
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    Yahoo confirms it is not a source of news with this one story.
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    Liberal Head Chopper
    Their favorite meal of the week is Taco Tuesday
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    Remember the good update, when the couples where made of men and woman..miss those days.
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    Cara Delevingne has pretty much gone after all the young Hollywood girls these past few years hoping to get lucky. she even tried to tag Selena Gomez after the Bieber break up. I never realized how many of these Hollywood women are lesbian and or "fluid" in their private lives.
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    Black Ops
    Such a ground breaking, stupendous, meaningful article to run on the anniversary of 911, right?
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    never heard of either of them and if they had not just "come out" i doubt we still would not
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    They really love sushi.
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    Who are they? It is 9-11, I think we have more important things to think about.