Asda's Huge Chocolate Éclair Is Back And It Serves 10 People!

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Christmas desserts can be a very divisive subject. Some people love a traditional Christmas pudding or Christmas cake, while other can’t think of anything worse than eating dried fruit soaked in booze, and would rather have a chocolate dessert for afters – a chocolate yule log perhaps?

Or how about giving something completely different a go? Perhaps a HUGE chocolate éclair would suit you best?

This year, Asda’s Christmas dessert range includes the return of this enormous Belgian chocolate and caramel éclair that will serve 10 people. Orrrrrrrrr, you could keep it to yourself and have a very merry Christmas indeed.

We first spotted the éclair returning to stores when we saw this post on the Money Saver Online Facebook page last year. And we've once again spotted it doing the rounds on social media this festive season.

The extravagant pudding is made up of flaky choux pastry, filled with a creamy chocolate mousse, caramel sauce and a rich fondant. It's topped with caramel flavoured fudge icing and a sweet, gold-coloured dust.

I mean… have you ever heard of anything more decadent?

Another alternative Christmas dessert option we're big into this year is the Cadbury Layers Of Joy Christmas Trifle.

Thanks to @newfoodsuk, we know that this iconic chocolate dessert is back for Christmas 2021 and we’re thrilled, quite frankly.

The chocolate dessert is described as being “delicious layers of white chocolate mousse, cinnamon flavour sponge and Cadbury milk chocolate dessert topped with a fresh cream layer”. Is it just us or does a white chocolate mousse on top of a cinnamon sponge sound dreamy?

So what are you going to choose - the Cadbury trifle or an eclair the size of a house? Or both?

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