Asda is now selling a one-and-a-half-foot long caterpillar cake

Photo credit: PAUL BARKER / Stringer - Getty Images
Photo credit: PAUL BARKER / Stringer - Getty Images

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Who doesn't love a caterpillar cake? The delicious combination of chocolate sponge, ganache and crisp chocolate coating appeals to people of all ages, and it's safe to say we'll never grow out of it!

While caterpillar cakes are great, they can be small, and that's why we're so excited that Asda is launching a supersized caterpillar cake – Clyde the Colossal Caterpillar Cake.

Perfect for children's (or your) birthday party, the delicious new cake is a whopping 45cm long, which is almost one-and-a-half feet.

Photo credit: Asda
Photo credit: Asda

Retailing for a total bargain at just £12, the cake serves 24 people, which is twice as many as the original caterpillar cake.

Made with soft chocolate sponge and rolled with chocolate buttercream, the colossal Clyde is coated with milk chocolate and edible decorations, and of course Clyde's same old big smiling icing face.

Talking about the new release, Sarah Burns, Asda’s bakery expert said: 'As well as being a fun novelty cake, Colossal Clyde is great value for money for our customers.

'There has been an increasing demand for supersized and extraordinary products recently and we’re happy to be at the forefront of quirky thinking and show-stopping products that our customers love'.

Just in time for spring and summer birthday parties, the cake will be available in Asda stores and online from April, and we can't wait to get our hands on this monster treat.

Quickly becoming the go-to supermarket for birthday party needs, this is Asda's second exciting cake release this year, having launched a leopard print cake last month.

Also costing £12, the bold chocolate cake is perfect for your teen's birthday party, or actually pretty much any celebratory occasion, and even comes in an eye-catching leopard print box.

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