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Lady From Lady and the Tramp

This Artist Transforms Disney Animals Into Humans Better Than a Fairy Godmother's Spell

If animated Disney animals got a princess-style makeover, what would they look like? Well, according to artist Isabelle Staub, they'd be drop-dead gorgeous. The popular Instagram illustrator recently shared her creative musings with POPSUGAR, and they're something straight out of a fairy tale.

Isabelle transforms characters like Dory from Finding Nemo, Nala from The Lion King, and Marie from The Aristocats into humans - like magic! No detail is spared, from Dory's signature blue and yellow shades to Marie's memorable pink bow. Plus, Isabelle films her whole process for TikTok, where her art has already gained over 3 million likes so far. Check out a few of our favorite pieces below, including a bonus nod to Dreamworks's Lola from Shark Tale.


This TikTok Artist Makes Disney Characters Look So Realistic, It's Practically Magic