Artist Reyna Noriega and Schick Intuition Partner for Hispanic Heritage Month: 'A Lot of Pride' (Exclusive)

“I want everyone to know that we're boundless," Noriega, an Afro-Caribbean Latina artist, tells PEOPLE of how she hopes her razor collaboration with Schick Intuition empowers Hispanic communities

<p>Schick Intuition</p> Reyna Noriega launches Schick Intuition collaboration

Schick Intuition

Reyna Noriega launches Schick Intuition collaboration

Visual artist and author Reyna Noriega has accomplished a lot in her career, from publishing poetry books to having her art displayed on magazine covers.

Most recently, she partnered with Schick Intuition to deck out the two-in-one Sensitive Care razor in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15), which was a meaningful collaboration for the creative in every way.

“I have family members that saw it in their local Target before I even knew that they had started going onto shelves. It gives me a lot of pride because a lot of what I do stems back to wanting to honor my family name and the sacrifices that they have gone through," the Miami-based Afro-Caribbean Latina artist tells PEOPLE exclusively.

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Teaming up with a body care brand was a natural next step for Noriega because practicing a beauty routine has always been important to her.

From a young age, her mom (who was a model and makeup artist) and her "abuela" (grandmother) taught her beauty rituals like do-it-yourself manicures and how to pluck her eyebrows.

“Wanting to show up the best that we can in any space was always something that was emphasized in our culture. Your mother, your grandmother, everyone looks after you to make sure you're in tip-top shape every time you leave the house.”

It's why becoming a part of this project, which she describes as an ode to self-care and “making women feel seen and beautiful," was a “no-brainer."

<p>Schick Intuition</p> Schick Intuition x Reyna Noriega razor collaboration in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Schick Intuition

Schick Intuition x Reyna Noriega razor collaboration in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Noriega shares that the process to visually translate that message onto a razor's surface took a year from start to finish.

Her vision became a nature-inspired mural symbolizing the way humans can grow through nurturing ourselves.

“I always think of people as flowers in the way that we bloom when we water and take proper care of ourselves. I think it gives you that feeling without overcrowding the space on the razor.”

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The artwork also features two silhouettes of faceless women, which was intentional on Noriega’s part. “I always like to leave space for people to insert their own feelings. That's one of the reasons why I don't use faces and eyes, so that the character is hopefully embodying something you can insert your soul into it. I don't want my viewers to be observers, I want them to be inside of the artwork.”

<p>Schick Intuition</p> Schick Intuition x Reyna Noriega razor, available at Target

Schick Intuition

Schick Intuition x Reyna Noriega razor, available at Target

Art, much like the self-care practices passed down to her from generations before her, made up a large part of Noriega's upbringing.

Born to a father who was an athlete and an artist, Noriega was “lucky” to be surrounded by creativity growing up.

As she got older, she began to navigate the craft on her own, taking art classes in high school and later minoring in the subject in college. “I was always primed to think, ‘How can I use art to celebrate the things in my life that I love?’" she says.

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Noriega went on to become a high school art teacher. Although she’s freelancing now, Noriega is still teaching many lessons through her artwork and collaborations.

“I always want to emphasize that Latinidad is such a wide spectrum, and it's not one-size-fits-all, [and] I'm glad that I can be a representation of that,” she says. “Having my face and my story [on platforms] is super important for little girls walking by and seeing that I'm no different or better than them and that this is what is possible.”

<p>Schick Intuition</p> Reyna Noriega posing with her Schick Intuition razors.

Schick Intuition

Reyna Noriega posing with her Schick Intuition razors.

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She also hopes that, throughout her journey, she can inspire creatives in her community to dream big and feed their passions.

“I want everyone to know that we're boundless. There shouldn't be any limits to what we dream. It's possible to achieve. Also, confidence is born on the inside. My artistic vision stemmed from my self-love and self-care journey. Once I stopped trying to create art to please everyone I was able to focus inward and find my style."

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