Artist Creates Kim Kardashian Mural Encrusted In €1m Worth Of Diamonds

An artist has created a Kim Kardashian mural encrusted in €1m worth of diamonds. Debbie Wingham is globally renowned for her extravagant creations and this project is no exception. The mural is based on Kim's iconic 2022 Met Gala look where the reality star wore Marilyn Monroe’s famous “Happy Birthday Mr President” dress. The makeover was to mark the 10-year anniversary of Wingham’s €3.5 million black dress which received global publicity due to it featuring €1m of black diamonds. The image of Kim was created from an original oil painting Wingham created before being adorned with the spectacular black diamonds. The piece was then added to another diamond-adorned mural Wingham created that's currently on display in Puerto Banus. The diamonds were present just for day due to security reasons, but the Kim K piece will remain on the mural for the whole of summer before being auctioned off for charity with proceeds going to various charities including LA non-profit charity Represent Justice, a charity supported by Kim.

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