Artist creates insane life-sized sculpture of Conor McGregor for his 30th birthday

Ryan Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor
An artist created an insane life-sized statue of Conor McGregor worth more than $58,000 for the UFC fighter’s birthday this month. (Instagram/@Aspencrow)

Conor McGregor is turning 30 this week — and Lithuanian artist Edgar Askelovic, better known as Aspencrow — may have just created the perfect gift for the UFC fighter: a massive statue of himself.

Askelovic has created a massive 220 pound sculpture of McGregor coming out of a block of stone looking like a Greek god that is worth more than $58,000.


Askelovic has shared multiple videos on Instagram of him working on the sculpture over the past month — all of which are incredibly impressive.

There are three versions of the sculpture — two that will be displayed and then sold at a gallery in London and then one, naturally, for McGregor himself.

The inspiration for the sculpture, Askelovic said, was simple. All he had to do was look to the past.

“To create the piece, I looked back to antiquity, when athletes were immortalized in sculptures as gods,” Askelovic told the Evening Standard. “I combined some details from a Michelangelo statue with modern day graffiti to capture the present day’s warrior sensibilities.”

So while it’s likely one of the more unconventional birthday gifts he’ll ever receive, it’s probably a safe bet that McGregor is going to enjoy having a life-size statue of himself around his house.

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