'Secret' armpit tattoos are the latest ink trend

Armpit tattoo feature
Would you have the bravery to get inked in such a sensitive spot? [Photo; Instagram/atomic.amy/ditadeadbeat/goaskcici]

Until a few years ago, tattoos were a reserve of the edgy and alternative only.

But nowadays, more of us are getting them than ever, and from tasteful minimalist inks to floral pieces of art we’re finding more wonderfully-creative ways to get inked.

Of course where on the body you get inked is one of these important decisions, and a particular spot has recently become popular thanks to its discreet and easily hide-able location.

Armpit tattoos are the least likely thing we’d expect to work, but trendsetters have proven how beautiful they are.

1. This flower tattoo

Armpit tattoo
You can’t beat a classic floral tattoo [Photo: Instagram/atomic.amy]

2. This traditional rose

Rose tattoo
A classic design in a less-classic place [Photo: Instagram/evanpnaylor]

3. This secret insult

You stink tattoo
Who said armpit tattoos have to be polite? [Photo: Instagram/savichan]

4. This huge masterpiece

Big tattoo
Why stop at your armpit? [Photo: Instagram/thehungry_ghost]

5. This jellyfish

jellyfish tattoo
Did it sting? [Photo: Instagram/ditadeadbeat]

6. This peony

peonie tattoo
It’s hard to beat watercolour-style inks [Photo: Instagram/stephanie_melbourne]

7. This guitar outline

Guitar tattoo
Don’t underestimate minimalistic tattoos [Photo: Instagram/reiichigo]

8. This little shell

Shell tattoo
You don’t have to go big to be beautiful [Photo: Instagram/katmietze]

9. This line work rose

Rose tattoo
Sometimes simplest is best [Photo: Instagram/goaskcici]

Important question, though – what if you can’t be bothered to shave, or give it up altogether?

Well, it’ll sure make for an interesting armpit.

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