Arlo Parks singing Billie Eilish is the only thing your ears need to hear today

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Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

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  • Arlo Parks joined Cosmopolitan UK for a game of Top of The Props, in which she had 15 seconds to think of a song inspired by a random prop, and had to name the title and the artist to get the point.

  • She scored an impeccable 13/13. Top marks.

Arlo Parks debut album Collapsed in Sunbeams just dropped, and it's exactly what you need to brighten up these endlessly grey days. To celebrate the launch of Collapsed in Sunbeams Arlo joined Cosmo UK for a game of Top of The Props, and with a flawless score of 100%, it's safe to say she aced it.

Not only did she achieve a perfect score but she also gave us an insight into what it's like having Billie Eilish for a fan, after Billie said in her yearly Vanity Fair interview that Arlo is one of her favourite artists at the moment.

"I'm obsessed with Billie Eilish as I think most of the world is ... My friend was like 'have you watched [Billie's annual Vanity Fair interview] this year?' and I was like 'not yet, I'll get around to it' and they were like 'no I think you should watch it now'.

"It was that moment were you think you've misheard, like I thought that somehow I'd just made it up in my mind but no, it was really Billie Eilish saying that I was her favourite at the moment."

Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

She also spoke about her childhood love for what we can all agree is a classic, Beat Again by JLS, and asked some very valid questions about what are actually quite intense lyrics for an up-beat pop song; "If I die, would you come to my funeral?"

Speaking for literally all of us she also talked about how much she loves Harry Styles, "He's a gem. He kind of moulded himself into this 70s icon and I'm here for it; I'm here for his fashion, the way that he experiments with pop music, he just seems like he'd be a lovely dude as well."

Arlo's debut album Collapsed in Sunbeams is out now and available here, along with tickets to live performances throughout 2021.

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