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Friday 17, January

The Moon and Mercury are fighting with each other today, putting you in the mood to bust through any secrets and false facades. You have a low tolerance for anyone who is not genuine to begin with, but today you’re likely to say something in the moment. Use this energy to get straight to the truth.

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Thursday 16, January

The current lunar opposition is rather exhausting to say the least. Focus on finding your balance and only spending time with those who lift you up. Avoid those who drag you down or make you want to fight. You need peace above all today. Let the little irritations just roll right off your back.

Wednesday 15, January

This is your last chance to get into super efficient work mode, darling. Tonight the Moon will leave your house of daily duties and projects and shift into your relationship zone for the next few days. You’ll want to ease off the deadlines in favor of socializing, so get it all out the way early in the day.

Tuesday 14, January

This could easily be one of your most productive days of the week, Aries. The stars are totally aligning and the Moon lights up your work zone. Plow right through those to-do lists and other chores you’ve been putting off for ages, because right now you’re super focused and efficient.

Monday 13, January

Today you’re totally torn between focusing on your long-term goals and just indulging in pleasure. Why not a mix of both for the happiest results, Ram? You are still feeling the drive and inspiration of the fiery Mars in your house of travel. Finding time to do everything you love is the only problem now.

Sunday 12, January

Saturn meets directly up with Pluto today, an intense cosmic handshake that’s been long in coming. This is like a message from the universe that you must get it together at the highest level of your being – to show the world what you’re made of. Your career can SOAR this year – do something to push it forward today.

Saturday 11, January

Phew, Aries, deep breaths. The eclipse is over but the energy will linger a bit. Today’s astrology brings a bit of a relief because the Moon is back in your sister fire sign, filling up your house of pleasure, romance and creativity. Feel the love and take steps to deepen it now.

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