Celebrities get engagement rings on discount based on who they are, but Pete Davidson may have paid full price

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson made headlines when they got engaged so quickly, but how much is her ring actually worth? (Photo: Getty)

Who doesn’t love a good bargain?

It seems that everyone is obsessed with Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson.

They share a lot of common ground: They were thrown into the limelight at a young age (Davidson is one of the youngest cast members of SNL, and he started doing standup at 16; Grande has been on Nickelodeon since she was 17); they had experienced tragedy (Davidson’s firefighter father died in the Sept. 11 attacks; Grande was performing a concert in Manchester, England, when a suicide bomber killed 22 people); and they both got out of long-term relationships recently (Davidson and Cazzie David broke up; Grande and Mac Miller broke up). 

Despite officially dating for only a few weeks, the couple is already engaged. On top of that, Davidson may have ordered the ring after just a week days of dating — seeing as how it took two weeks to make.

Allegedly, Ariana Grande’s 3-carat diamond ring cost the SNL star a cool $93,000.

But does his Saturday Night Live salary cover that type of expense?

The truth is, according to the New York Post, celebrities often get discounts for jewelry, so long as there is a stream of publicity. Paparazzi shoots and social media shots of the rock are all fair game.

“It adds a huge value, not only to the brand, the designer — such as Neil Lane or anyone, but of course it’s going to drive prices up,” Tracey Khan, publicist for jewelry designer Lane, told the Post.

“Tiffany does it, Bulgari, Cartier, Harry Winston, every big jeweler,” said one insider. “[The information] finds its way to the media.”

So are we, the plebs of the world, paying top dollar just to get a little bit of what celebrities have?

Probably. The markup on jewelry can be 10 times the cost of its parts … and celebrities, who can show off the jeweler’s work in social media posts and paparazzi shots, can pay less than half of that.

But did Davidson get a deal? Apparently, no! The comedian was thought to have paid full price for his lady love’s ring.

“I think that was an organic deal, [with the price] maybe a little inflated for the story,” the insider said, according to the Post

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