Ariana Grande looks adorable with shoulder length beehive hair

There was a time we thought we'd never see Ariana Grande with anything except her trademark ponytails; a look that famously came about from years of bleaching and dying her hair bright red for Sam & Cat, leaving her locks too damaged for much else. While the show marks it's tenth birthday this year (sorry, where has time gone?), the ponytail is still Ari's go-to, which really makes it a treat when we see her sporting a different look.

Another fave has emerged over the last few years, with the half-up half-down style a regular choice for the singer, and this shorter shoulder length version proves just as cute as any ponytail.

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In r.e.m beauty's latest post Ariana is wearing her brown hair just past her shoulders in an adorable retro beehive half-up style, complete with full fringe. We momentarily thought she'd moved on from her recent bleach blonde era and gone back to brunette, before recognising the snap is from the brand's Chapter 3 launch last year.

But we knew we recognised the style from way earlier than that, Penny Pingleton is that you?

hairspray live season 2016
Ariana in Hairspray Live 2016NBC - Getty Images

Before Wicked there was Hairspray. The look is straight out of Ariana's adorable take on Penny Pingleton in the iconic NBC Hairspray Live production back in 2016. And re-watching that may help keep us going till 2024 when the movie adaptation of Wicked Ariana is starring in will finally be released.

hairspray live season 2016
Ariana in Hairspray Live back in 2016NBC - Getty Images

Admittedly, it's a more glam, toned down take on the eccentric styling for the show, but add a bow and there she is.

hairspray live season 1
NBC - Getty Images

BRB off to find out where we can watch this online.

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