Ariana Grande’s new curtained fringe is giving us school assembly vibes

Cassie Powney
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Photo credit: Steve Granitz - Getty Images
Photo credit: Steve Granitz - Getty Images

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Newsflash: Ariana Grande is taking an extended break from her iconic high pony. I know, I know, the rumours are true. Is everyone ok?

With her new album release Positions comes a new '60s-inspired look (it's even inspired a wave of TikTokers to recreate the dramatic winged eye and voluminous blowout from her album cover).

One thing's for sure, Ariana really suits a presidential-looking, Jackie O-inspired blonde beehive - who knew?

It's a world away from her more playful looks of popstar-past. Remember the Ombre pigtails? And the natural curls she allowed us a glimpse of during lockdown? Not forgetting all the half-up 'dos we've come to know her for, and the time she took all her extensions out for her birthday.

But Ariana obviously felt it was time to try something new by re-visiting a bygone era. But what we weren't expecting was for her to go back to school. Ok, so she hasn't literally enrolled back in school (can you imagine the chaos in the canteen as she queued for a sausage roll?) No, no - she's gone and got herself a brand-new fringe, and she may as well be sitting cross-legged on a gym floor listening to a lecture about litter in the playground.

In a recent instagram post, Ariana posed for a selfie with her hair half pulled back, the ends blow dried into curls and the fringe neatly parted. Think: most popular girl at school, but also a bit of a teacher's pet...

She captioned the post: ☁️📠 34+35 🔬🌫 (in reference to her song, 34+35, we assume), and her fans most definitely approved.

One commented: "Yes for the bayangs! 😍🙌🏽" and another: "She's STUNNING."

If all that eye make-up doesn't get her a detention, we don't know what will...

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