Ariana Grande channels Audrey Hepburn with new wispy fringe hair transformation

ariana grande full fringe haircut
Ariana Grande debuts a full fringe haircutAsh K Holm/@ash_kholm - Getty Images

Circa 2016, Ariana Grande took the world by storm after debuting the thickest, fullest, bluntest bangs we'd seen since our primary school days – y'know, a mature take on the pre-pubescent fringe and bowl haircut we all had... But today, the singer is taking it one step further, or should I say, a few decades back with a 50s-inspired wispy fringe.

[Insert Michael Scott's 'everybody stay calm' meme, here]

To debut such a dramatic cut, surprisingly, Ari took to TikTok with a very caszh video in which her hair is pulled back and up with the fringe front and centre stage. Though, not as full as her last, this time she's opted to channel her inner Audrey Hepburn with a soft piecey style.

The star's hairdresser, Carl Bembridge also took to his Instagram page to share a snap of her new 'do, naming it 'baby bangs'.

While we were initially preoccupied with Ari's new haircut (understandably, of course), after watching the 14-second TikTok clip, a second round of beauty envy hit. I mean, how is it that she can be such a talented singer, songwriter, actress and eyeliner whizz?!

"Ultra-precise, waterproof, smudge-proof, lasts up to 48 hours, vegan, cruelty-free… the list of why we love #attheborderline eyeliner marker can truly go on forever", she writes in the caption of her vid, revealing that she's using her own – r.e.m. beauty – eyeliner, At The Borderline Eyeliner Marker, £18.

Jesus (read: me) wept.

Run, don't walk to your online shopping cart. Don't say I didn't warn ya...

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