Ariana Grande’s brother Frankie mugged in New York City: ‘Thankful to be safe’

Ariana Grande’s brother Frankie mugged in New York City: ‘Thankful to be safe’

Ariana Grande’s brother, Frankie Grande, has spoken out on social media after he got mugged in New York City.

The 39-year-old YouTube star addressed the incident and expressed his gratitude for his peers on his Instagram Story on Tuesday. His comments came days after he was mugged in Midtown Manhattan, while walking along Eighth Avenue.

“Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers,” he wrote. “I am so thankful to be safe and healing. Keep shining bright and stay safe out there.”

As reported by ABC7 New York, police said that Grande was mugged while walking between West 43rd and West 44th street at around 6:30 pm on 9 November. He did not have any injuries.

The officers noted that two teens, who are 13 and 17, struck the Big Brother star from behind and stole his Louis Vuitton bag, which had his iPhone, AirPods, wallet, and sunglasses in it.

The police said the teens were caught when they tried to use Grande’s credit card at a smoke shop and have been charged on multiple counts, including robbery, grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, and unlawful use of a credit card. They also had a fake pistol and razor blade on them when they got arrested.

In the comments of his most recent Instagram post of his dog, Grande’s fans and followers have sent him messages of support.


“We love you Frankie! hope you are doing okay !!” one wrote, while another said: “Stay strong Frankie!”

A third person wrote: “You are the strongest soul Frankie!! What happened is sickening, and i am so so sorry, you are deserving of so much goodness…We all love u and are wishing u nothing but love and happiness.”

The Independent has contacted a representative for Grande for comment.