Ariana Grande Breaks Her Silence on Mac Miller's Death

Alyssa Bailey
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    i love them both, as artists & people. & sadly, what happened to him was an accident. it was in no way shape or form her fault. AT ALL.
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    Jason Leslie
    Vote in november?
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    Angel B. Crow
    Is she gonna comment about all the people claiming she was groped at the funeral?
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    Nigel Percy Cox
    I don't think I've ever heard her songs or know much about her, but this is the second time one of her social media posts has made me foggy.
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    Definitely not a fan of hers, but now is not the time to get nasty about how she handles it. She doesn't it owe it to us to grieve at our approval.

    She's been through some other things too. I hope she doesn't get derailed from this if anything else.
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    Big Johnson
    will slick willy be fingering her at the funeral?
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    Double Down
    My opinion? They shared needles.
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    Don't do drugs kids.