Argentinian film workers rally in Cannes as President Milei takes chainsaw to movie industry

Argentina’s Oscar-winning movie industry is battling for survival as President Javier Milei applies his “chainsaw” approach to budget cuts to the country's cultural sector. At the Cannes Film Festival, where several movies from Argentina are on show, the country’s film workers are determined to get their message across, both on and off the screen.

Cinema’s glitzy Riviera gathering is often described as a celebrity bubble, but politics and activism are never far away.

This year’s edition has already made festival history with a series of protests against sex abuse in cinema, on the heels of a belated #MeToo reckoning that has swept France’s film industry. The wars raging in Ukraine and the Middle East have also been frequent topics of discussion, though festival organisers have been at pains to avoid any red-carpet protests.

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On Sunday, about a hundred Argentinian film workers rallied in Cannes to denounce Milei’s policies of defunding film industry and the wider cultural sector.

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