These are the areas where Brits move house the most

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Photo credit: Lordn - Getty Images

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The average British homeowner lives in the same property for 21 years, new research by Zoopla has revealed.

The online estate agent analysed the average turnover of properties at local authority levels across the UK to find out just how much Brits move house. While there is plenty of stress that comes with a house move, many Brits don't let it put them off from moving to their perfect property — even if it's every few years.

Zoopla found the most frequent movers are those living in Dartford and South Derbyshire, where homeowners in these areas stay for around 15 years — five less than the national average. These areas are closely followed by Salford and Greater Manchester.

Those who move less frequently live in areas such as Kensington, Chelsea and Brent, where they stay for an average of 33.3 years. Property prices in these locations are more expensive, so it's no surprise homeowners choose to stay longer.

'These results contradict a common assumption that UK neighbourhoods are becoming more transient. They show that, once you’ve managed to buy a property to call home and set down roots in an area, there can be little motivation to move again,' Laura Howard from Zoopla explains.

'However, this is not necessarily down to complacency or a sense of inertia. While we might love our city, town or village, most of us still want to "improve our lot" with a move, which usually means climbing the property ladder,' Laura adds.

Find out where the most and least frequent movers live...

10 top most frequent movers

  1. Dartford

  2. South Derbyshire

  3. Salford

  4. East Lthian

  5. Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole

  6. North West Leicestershire

  7. Daventry

  8. Tewkesbury

  9. Midlothian

  10. Renfrewshire

10 top least frequent movers

  1. Kensington and Chelsea

  2. Brent

  3. Enfield

  4. Ealing

  5. Redbridge

  6. Haringey

  7. Oxford

  8. Harrow

  9. Westminster

  10. Camden

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