Are YOU The Star The MaBrrr Biopic Is Looking For?

The late 'MaBrrr', Brenda Fassie. (Photo: Leon Morris via Getty Images)
The late 'MaBrrr', Brenda Fassie. (Photo: Leon Morris via Getty Images)

If the news of Brenda Fassie's upcoming biopic had you excited, then you'll be happy to know that auditions are open for the role of MaBrrr in the film.

The producers of the film, "Brenda: The Movie", have set up a website at which hopefuls can submit their auditions.

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You will need to record a 1 to 2 minute video (it does not have to be professional; use a cellphone) telling the producers why you think you're the candidate to play the Afropop legend.

And if you can do a mean MaBrrr karaoke, it can only help your chances.

Your video should be uploaded to Youtube and set to "private".

The last step requires you to fill out a form (on the site) and submit it, together with the Youtube link.

On Thursday, the film's co-executive producer, Fassie's son Bongani, said the cast would be South African.

"We will find someone who'll match. There will be castings, and everyone will have their fair chance. It's not just for Brenda's role, but for [actors to play] the other people in her life as well. The whole cast will be South African," he told 702.

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