Architect Sees Designs Sustainable Airborne Sky Cities Of The Future

The future of humanity is uncertain due to climate change and conflict so architect and artist Bless Yee has come up with a novel, airborne, solution to these issues. Her Carbon Capture Refuge X (CCRX) designs will float above the Earth providing a sustainable way of living for those displaced by problems on the ground. The structures would be suspended by Earth’s magnetic field creating a floating habitable layer in the troposphere as they filter carbon out of the atmosphere and convert it into electrical energy. The collected energy is dispersed through neon strips that integrate with the walls, floors, and roofs of the structure while rainwater is stored and filtered by vegetation and then used to supplement hydroponic farming. The vegetation creates a localised microclimate mimicking that lost in parts of the Earth. Meanwhile, drones would be used as the main distributors of goods. CCRX’s could eventually plug into each other, merging into floating cities, farms, pastures, or forests and eventually creating a world those living there thought they had lost.