Architect dad stuns TikTok with haunting Halloween sculpture taller than the garage: ‘We are amazed’

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A TikToker shared her father’s artful Halloween sculpture, and it left people’s jaws on the floor. 

The spooky season is the perfect time to show off all your haunting fall decor. Creating a fun outdoor display is a great way to get in the autumnal spirit. Not to mention, it also allows you to change up the view of your outdoor space — which is much needed when all flowers and plants can look a bit lifeless this time of year. 

TikTok user @psaltyman shared the creative way her dad, architect Thomas Salts, spruced up their driveway for the season. 

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“Every year, my dad builds something in our driveway for Halloween,” she said

Salts sculpted a massive wooden skeleton that stood almost as tall as their actual house

The menacing figure of an old man hunched over with a cane had an ethereal quality. His transparent outfit — including a shirt, pants and shoes — was draped over his bare bones. The giant sculpture had an ominous yellow glow to it. It’s definitely something that would stop you in your tracks if you were walking by. 

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The video racked up 3.9 million views on TikTok. People were impressed by Salts’ work. 

“These should be in a museum,” one person wrote

“Tell him WE ARE AMAZED,” another commented

“Everyone pack it up, this guy won Halloween,” someone said

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