Archie Bradley scores best possible endorsement after poop mishap goes viral

The next time Arizona Diamondbacks reliever Archie Bradley has a poop mishap, he’ll be prepared. Bradley received a shipment of “Dude Wipes” after his story about pooping his pants during a game went viral.

Bradley proudly posted a picture of himself holding his new gift on Twitter and Instagram.

Why did Archie Bradley get sent “Dude Wipes?”

The company decided to reach out to Bradley after the reliever told our own Tim Brown that he pooped his pants during a game earlier this season. As you might expect, people wanted to ask Bradley more about the incident, and Bradley has been more than happy to oblige. He isn’t backing down either. Bradley told MLB Network that anyone who claims they’ve never pooped their pants is a liar. 

What are “Dude Wipes?”

Wikipedia calls them a “flushable wipe product,” and that seems like a safe way for us to describe them. They are basically baby wipes for adults … or dudes. The product was featured on the show “Shark Tank,” where Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban agreed to invest in the company.

Will Archie Bradley ever be able to live this down?

Probably not, but it doesn’t seem like he cares. Bradley’s been a good sport about addressing what most would consider an embarrassing situation. It was a bold move to put that story out there, but it seems to be working out OK for Bradley.

Archie Bradley got a couple packages of Dude Wipes after sharing a story about pooping his pants. (AP Photo)

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