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Friday 10, July

The Moon is in your money zone again today, and the positive vibes are turned up a notch, thanks to the Sun in a sweet angle in your house of finances. In other words, abundance is not just possible - it's likely. Focus on your bottom line but keep your spending in check.

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Thursday 09, July

The Moon is in Pisces, making a positive trine formation with the Sun and Mercury. This can bring pure delight and plenty of prosperity if you focus on tapping into the magic available. It's a vast improvement over the last few days, that's for sure.

Wednesday 08, July

With aggressive Mars in your communication zone for the long haul, you're getting used to asserting yourself without compromise. Today that could go sideways as Mercury Retrograde clashes with the Red Planet. Just avoid any potential conflicts, even ones that seem insignificant - they can blow up fast.

Tuesday 07, July

The Moon is in your stars, Aquarius darling, and you're lit up like a Christmas tree in July. With your modern ruler Uranus squaring the lunar energy early in the day, light bulbs are going off in your mind over and over again. Jot down your genius ideas before they fade away.

Monday 06, July

Eclipse season is over, Aquarius bb, and the Moon heads into your own stars later today. This series of three eclipses was overwhelmingly intense, and it's important to make sure you got the proper karmic clearing. If you don't let it all go, you can carry more heaviness into the next six months and you don't want to do that.

Sunday 05, July

The Full Moon is here and it's bringing the finale of the three-part eclipse season. You've been hit with so much energy in your house of sleep, dreams and imagination and then your house of work and wellness. It's about finding the balance between duty and escapism. You need a dose of both, but not too much of either.

Saturday 04, July

The Moon lights up your house of rest and retreat now. This is the prelude to tomorrow's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Give yourself extra time off to rest and recover. Your body and soul will thank you a thousand times over. Don't get caught up in other people's drama as it will only drain you.

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