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Thursday 22, August

The Moon is in Taurus until this evening, keeping you in the mood to nest for a little while longer, Aquarius. This phase is all about embracing home, family and all manner of domestic issues. It can simply make you want to hang out and stream Netflix in your pajamas all day instead of working, too.

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Wednesday 21, August

The planet in charge of beauty, love and money moves into your house of sex today, Aquarius. Yes, that's super hot, and the energy will bless your intimate life for the next few weeks. If things have been boring or dry in the bedroom, this is when you can totally change that dynamic - and find plenty of deep emotional connection, too.

Tuesday 20, August

The Moon is in Aries, firing up your communication zone for another day. But there's more, Aquarius - Pluto is making this lunar vibe extremely intense on this Tuesday. It's not just that your words are powerful, it's that they cut to the karmic core of the situation that you're in - and everyone can feel that truth coming through.

Monday 19, August

The Moon is in Aries today and tomorrow, situating some seriously fiery lunar energy in your house of communication. This gives you confidence, Aquarius - but it can also give your words and texts an edge that you didn't intend. Take a deep breath before lashing out - or at least being perceived that way.

Sunday 18, August

Communication moves to the forefront as the Moon slips into your talking and texting zone for the next few days. You'll have a lot to get off your chest and with impulsive lunar energies pushing you to blurt first and think later. If you're not careful, you might say something rash.

Saturday 17, August

The Moon continues to light up your financial zone again today. Focus on getting your cash flow where you really need it, darling. Bonus: Mars, the mojo planet, is moving into your house of other people's money, making it easier for you to tap into your resourcefulness and collect on a few debts.

Friday 16, August

You're still coming down off the Full Moon in your stars and will welcome this respite to focus on getting grounded again. Too much spinning around in that brilliant mind of yours is exciting, but can take a toll on your energy reserves. What you need is soul time now, Aquarius.

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