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Wednesday 01, April

With the Moon in Cancer on the first day of April, your work zone is lit up. This reminds you of all the things that are still on your to-do list from the previous few weeks. It's easier to get and stay organized, so take advantage of these very efficient stars.

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Tuesday 31, March

The pressure is on in a major way right now, Aquarius. With aggressive Mars and uber-serious Saturn conjunct in the very first degree of your very own sign, a lot of this intense stress is on you. If you've felt utterly overwhelmed in recent days - rejoice, because now is when you can hit the release valve.

Monday 30, March

The planet of passion moves into your very own stars today, Aquarius. This puts you both in prime and primal condition to go after what you want without holding back for the next six weeks. You might be a bit more aggressive and pushy for certain people's taste, however, so be careful.

Sunday 29, March

The Moon and Mercury are in a snag today bringing misunderstandings and people projecting their worst-case fears all over the place. You might be the only calm, cool and collected one in the bunch. Don't lose your faith in humanity despite the totally irrational behaviors of the moment.

Friday 27, March

Your creativity is off the charts under today's sweet star confluence. Venus, the love and beauty goddess, is working her magic with the powers of Jupiter, the planet of abundance. No wonder it all feels possible and wonderful. Celebrate this uplifting energy while it last, Aquarius. This is a gift from the stars and it's gorgeous.

Thursday 26, March

You're feeling deeply internal and a bit stubborn now. You're adjusting to Saturn in your own stars for the first time in nearly thirty years which is no mean feat. Use this time to slow way down and recalibrate your energy and authenticity, Aquarius. You have the support of the stars and discipline of Saturn.

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