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We all know pictures can be deceiving when internet shopping. So, to avoid disappointment and to make shopping a bit more fun ‘Yeay’ lets you sell and buy items through video content. Yep, thats right it means you can get a real 360 view of the product and even get a little story behind the item.

The Apps And Sites Changing The Way We’re Shopping

We can all agree online shopping is the best invention since sliced bread. We can now shop anywhere - and anytime - thanks to a number of nifty apps and sites that allow you to skip the queues, crowds and all the hassle.

And, in recent months, things have been taken to a whole new level with a new bevy of fashion-savvy apps taking the online shopping world by storm. 

From the best sale shopping imaginable to getting practically anything you could want delivered straight to your door, these genius sites make retail therapy just one swipe (or click) away.