Applications for The Great British Bake Off Series 13 are now open

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Photo credit: Mark Bourdillon - Channel 4
Photo credit: Mark Bourdillon - Channel 4

Big news bakers! If you're spending every episode of The Great British Bake Off imagining what you'd have done for your showstopper brief, or cringing at baker's mistakes when you know better... well get in that tent!

The show has announced applications for the 2022 season are now open and will be till 5 December, giving you just over a month to apply or to convince the baker in your life to shoot their shot.

Applications for Series 13 are now open! Show @Paul.Hollywood and @PrueLeith what you can dough. Link in bio. #GBBO

2018 Winner Dr Rahul Mandal encouraged those considering it to apply in the comments, writing; "Good luck future bake off family members...if you are reading this, remember you can do this. So just apply! Good luck"

And current series 12 contestant Jürgen said; "If you want to apply, but are hesitant for one reason or another: DO IT. You will gain from it!" His fellow competitor George Aristodou added; "Do it! Do it! Do it! You will not regret it! There is no time like the present. Don’t wait to ‘be ready’. We all have areas of baking that we are less confident in. Plus if everyone was perfect all the time, how boring would that be?! You will learn and grow so much! Best of luck! Can I apply again as Georgina? 😢"

And a third 2021 baker, Chigs Parmar, commented; "Guys if you love to bake and it makes you smile, just apply. Do not hesitate. If I can get on the show, you can too. It will be one of the best things you ever do. Enjoy and good luck."

What more encouragement do you need? If you'd love to get into that tent then go for it! And if you think you know a future star baker then give them that nudge they need to apply. Who knows this time next year they could be heading for Bake Off Champion.

Can you do better? Why not find out.


If you cannot apply online and would like an application form posted to you or require assistance, please email or call 0751 275 4340 stating your full name, full address (including postcode) and telephone number.

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