Apple Pie Flavoured Kit Kats Exist And You Can Buy Them In The UK

Anna Lewis

From Delish

If there’s one thing Kit Kats do well, it’s flavours. There are some absolute corkers out there: birthday cake KitKats, green tea Kit Kats, erm, BISCOFF KIT KATS! Plus, don’t even get me started on all the amazing Kit Kat Chunky flavours.

And this latest flavour is just as exciting as the aforementioned ones, if not more exciting.

Apple pie Kit Kats. How do you like those apples? Literally.

We don’t know too much about the specifics of the apple pie Kit Kat, except that it’s the “iconic Kit Kat wafer surrounded in the delicious taste of apple pie.”

From the photos, it looks to us like the wafers are covered in apple pie-flavoured white chocolate, and we just can't see anything wrong with apple pie flavoured white chocolate.

Apple pie flavoured Kit Kats have launched in the US of A, but luckily for us Brits, there is a way for us to get our sticky fingers on one over here.

GB Gifts is selling these tasty treats, which means you can order a load to be delivered to your house.

An apple pie flavoured Kit Kat will set you back £2.99, plus P&P. But seeing as these sound DELICIOUS and we can’t just pop down to the corner shop to get one, we’re happy to dig deep.

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