Apparently, We’ve Been Eating Hot Dogs Wrong This Entire Time…

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Apparently, We’ve Been Eating Hot Dogs Wrong This Entire Time…

Will there ever come a day when we don’t learn something new from TikTok? And no – we’re not talking about learning a new dance routine or how to do Halloween make up. We’re talking food hacks.

The latest food hack blowing our minds is this one explaining the correct way to eat a hot dog. Sure, you thought you knew how to eat a hot dog, but unless you’ve been doing it like this your whole life, you’ve been doing it wrong.

Picture the scene: you’ve just treated yourself to a huge hot dog, and now it’s time to cover the whole thing with ketchup and mustard. You then go to eat it and get sauce all over your lips, all in your hair and up your nose. And there’s no worse feeling than spicy mustard up your nose, right?

But thanks to TikTok user Sheena Marie we now know how to eat a hot dog without getting a single drop of sauce on your face.

In Sheena’s video, which now has more than 2.1 million, she shows how she eats her hot dogs. She adds the sauce like normal, then simply spins the sausage over so all the sauce is now under the sausage.


In the video, which is captioned, “No more messy ketchup and mustard on your lips #lifehacks”, Sheena says: “Show me the life hack that you saw one day that is now an unconscious standard practice in your life, I’ll go first.”

We will definitely be eating our hot dogs like this from now on. Washing mustard out of your hair is harder than it looks…

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