Apparently The Key To Cooking Perfect Chicken Breasts Is All In The Way You Cut Them

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Apparently The Key To Cooking Perfect Chicken Breasts Is All In The Way You Cut Them

Probably *the* most cooked piece of meat in the kitchen? The humble chicken breast. Perfect for all sorts — from salads to curries, stir fries to sandwiches — we can't get enough of the white meat. But there are occasions where it doesn't quite cook how we want it to (aka, a little on the drier side, and barely any crispy skins).

Well, who knew that the key to perfectly crisp, moist-in-the-inside chicken breasts was all in the way you cut them? Yep! According to @ethanchlebowski on TikTok, to achieve optimal juiciness and crispiness, all you need to do is make several cross-cuts along one side of your chicken breast.

Gathering over 200,000 views along with almost 2o,000 likes and comments, @ethanchlebowski's tells us that this is his favourite way to cook chicken because of how speedy it is, and the cool texture that's given to the breasts.

By cross-cutting the chicken breasts, the edges get crispy, the seasoning is able to absorb into the breasts, and the inside's kept just moist enough. Dry chicken breasts, be gone!

If you're getting all up in the tofu-craze right now, then we've also got a cracking tip for making perfectly crispy tofu too.

Spotted online via on TikTok, it turns out the secret to ultra-crispy tofu starts quite simply, with your freezer. That's right, you just need to flash-freeze your tofu. This way, you'll avoid getting that spongy, rather soggy texture that's often associated with tofu.

You're welcome guys...

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