Apparently, These Ice Cream Flavoured Cadbury Mini Rolls Taste Even Better Frozen

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‘Tis the season to eat ice cream. Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Or ice cream inspired sweet treats. Allow us to elaborate…

Cadbury has launched two new flavours of its iconic Mini Rolls, and we love the sound of both of them.

The first flavour is Mint Choc Ice Cream, and the second is Neapolitan Ice Cream. But get this – it gets even more exciting than that. The packet suggests eating them frozen!

Have you ever heard of anyone popping their Cadbury Mini Rolls in the freezer? No, us neither, but we’re into it.

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You can pick up both of these ice cream inspired Mini Rolls from Co-op stores, and a pack of five will set you back just £1.

So, will you be freezing your Mini Rolls from now on? Because we sure as hell will be.

If you prefer your frozen desserts more traditional, like, ya know, ice cream you should give Iceland’s new Luxury Triple Layer Praline Ice Cream. It tastes just like a Kinder Bueno, and you just can’t argue with that.

Photo credit: Iceland
Photo credit: Iceland

It features three layers of praline chocolate, with crispy praline and sumptuous chocolate, stacked with hazelnut and vanilla ice cream, and drizzled in hazelnut sauce.

All the flavours that make up a Kinder Bueno! Honestly, it is so, so good.

You can pick up Iceland’s Luxury Triple Layer Praline Ice Cream, plus the Luxury Triple Layer Chocolate Ice Cream, for just £2 a 600ml tub.

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