'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4' Line-Up: 6 Things To Note

Daniel Welsh

The line-up for the upcoming series of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4’ has been revealed by Entertainment Weekly.

Yes, in addition to the show’s regular series, we’re being treated to the third ‘All Stars’ running in three years, and the fourth overall, with 10 returning queens coming back to the competition to fight for a spot in the Hall Of Fame, next to Chad Michaels, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 and last year’s controversial winner, Trixie Mattel.

As for the line-up itself… well, if you’re anything like us, you’ll have already seen it on Reddit months ago. But here are six things you might not have realised about the new batch of ‘All Stars’... 

1. The first transgender contestant on an ‘All Stars’ series 

In series 9 of ‘Drag Race’, Peppermint made history as the first contestant to have been open about her transgender status since the beginning of her series.

This time around, Gia Gunn - who has come out as trans since leaving ‘Drag Race’ - has become the first trans contestant on an ‘All Stars’ series, particularly notable as she’s also the first trans contestant to compete on the show since RuPaul’s infamous comments about how he’d be reluctant to allow a woman who had transitioned in the competition.

Although she was one of the rumoured ‘All Stars’, Gia’s appearance may come as a surprise to some, having said just three months ago she wouldn’t be up for a ‘Drag Race’ comeback, as RuPaul’s comments had made her feel “unwelcome”.

2. There are a lot of former stars from the show’s last three seasons

Five, to be exact. Valentina and Monet X Change - the show’s two most recent recipients of Miss Congeniality (or Miss Fan Favourite, depending on who you ask) - are back, while also representing series 9 are Trinity Taylor and Farrah Moan. Naomi Smalls was a runner-up in series 8, while from the most recent run, Monet X Change is following in Aja’s footsteps and doing an ‘All Stars’ stint right off the back of her season.

3. But there’s not a great showing from the show’s oft-overlooked first two years

True, a lot of them have already been on ‘All Stars’, but considering RuPaul brought back Bebe Zahara Benet for ‘All Stars 3’ because she didn’t think the former winner had received as much recognition as she deserved, we’re surprised contestants like Jessica Wild, Ongina and even Victoria “Porkchop” Parker are still sitting on the shelf, waiting to be plucked up for ‘All Stars’. 

4. Two former ‘All Stars’ contestants are back

The widely-spread rumour we’re most surprised to see was actually true, former ‘All Stars 1’ contestants Manila Luzon and Latrice Royale are both back to fight for a space in the ‘Drag Race’ Hall Of Fame.

While we initially weren’t sure how we felt about their upcoming third try in the werk room, they were probably screwed over the worst by the ‘All Stars 1’ “partners” twist, and even though we loved them as a double act, we’re feeling excited to see how they get by on their own (we’ll say it: especially Latrice).

5. The return of Valentina

But no matter how much we love Latrice, the contestant we’re most intrigued to see back in the race is Valentina. During her series 9 stint she burned bright early on, but it wasn’t to last, crashing out of the competition in mask-gate and then taking a lot of heat for her behaviour after the show in the reunion special.

RuPaul said it best... 

6. A glorious show of diversity

Not only does the show feature All Stars’ first trans competitor, but we’re thrilled to see a range of races, sizes and even markedly different styles of drag competing in the race this time.

And now, just as a treat, here’s the ‘All Stars 4’ line-up in full…

Farrah Moan (series 8)


Gia Gunn (series 6)


Jasmine Masters (series 7)


Latrice Royale (series 4 and ‘All Stars’ 1)


Manila Luzon (series 3 and ‘All Stars’ 1)


Monet X Change (series 10)


Monique Hart (series 10)


Naomi Smalls (series 8)


Trinity Taylor (series 9)


Valentina (series 9)

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4’ will air on VH1 in the US in early 2019. A UK broadcaster is expected to be announced in due course.