'This Morning' Reaches New Level Of Bizarre As Kim Jong-Un Impersonator Talks Looking For 'A Shag'

Daniel Welsh

Every time you think ‘This Morning’ has peaked in terms of its weird and wonderful guests, they find a way to best themselves.

In the past, the ITV daytime show has become renowned for covering all manner of unusual subjects, as well as its often accidentally-hilarious interview moments.

However, while we know it’s a bold claim, we think on Thursday they may well have reached a whole new level of bizarre, with the introduction of… Kim Jong-Um. 

And no, that’s not a typo, Kim Jong-Um is actually an Australian lookalike of the North Korean dictator, who sat down with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to discuss what it’s like to impersonate one of the world’s most divisive figures.

And as if all of that wasn’t surreal enough, halfway through the interview he let slip that he’d put in an appearance at the Winter Olympics to try and get himself, in his words, “a shag”.

Phil and Holly's faces were a picture

Phillip swiftly interrupted to apologise for his guest’s use of the slang term, joking: “It may be acceptable in Australia, but not here.”

The impersonator then commented that it had fallen over Valentine’s Day, to which Phillip noted: “And what a romantic you are.”

For those that were curious, it wasn’t a successful mission for Kim Jong-Um, who added: “The cheerleaders loved it, they laughed. But their minders did not take so kindly to me. And the North Korean agents pulled me aside and started physically assaulting me.”

What a story for a Thursday morning, eh? Unsurprisingly, viewers watching along on social media were completely bewildered by the whole thing…