'Love Island': 13 Silly Things You May Have Missed In The Villa This Week

Ash Percival

Week three of this year’s ‘Love Island’ has been dominated by Adam Collard and his horrible treatment of Rosie Williams

Fans have been outraged, there’s been Ofcom complaints - even Women’s Aid have had their say.

But while all of that has been going on, the other Islanders have been busy serving up some comedy gold, some of which might have slipped your mind in all of that rage you were directing at Adam. 

Here’s our favourite ridiculous moments of the week...

1. Samira was totally underwhelmed when she heard there was a new boy coming in. In fact, she didn’t even flinch

2. Alex was similarly low key when Zara and Ellie came in

3. The reactions on everyone’s face when Sam came in and said he was going to teach Adam how to treat a lady were priceless

4. Ellie had the perfect prescription she wanted Dr Alex to give her

5. Adam’s enthusiasm when Alex finally made his move on Ellie almost endeared him to us. Almost.

6. Ellie’s explanation of why doesn’t go for muscly lads was just too much