Anya Taylor-Joy divides fans after revealing she doesn’t cook because ‘we have delivery’

Anya Taylor-Joy divides fans after revealing she doesn’t cook because ‘we have delivery’

Anya Taylor-Joy sparked mixed reactions after revealing that she doesn’t cook and relies on ordering her meals.

The 26-year-old actor confessed that she’s not a fan of cooking during an interview with Page Six on Monday while at the New York premiere of her film The Menu. While she knows how to boil some water, she doesn’t necessarily want to expand her cooking skills beyond that.

“It’s just more that it doesn’t really interest me,” Taylor-Joy said. “I’m not going to lie to you. I feel like we have delivery, we have takeout.”

On Twitter, some fans criticised The Queen’s Gambit star’s perspective on takeout meals and accused her of being privileged.

“Another film star ignoring the world that exists outside her orbit, i.e. a world of people who aren’t all privileged,” one wrote.

“This title reads very Marie Antoinette, let them eat cake ish,’” another wrote, referring to a French phrase that suggests that someone is being insensitive to other people’s less fortunate realities.

A third person added: “God that’s depressing.”

However, many fans expressed their amusement over Taylor-Joy’s stance and confessed that they order food quite frequently as well.

“She basically went: ‘No, I’m not like you poor b****es and I love that,’” one wrote.

“She’s so real bc cooking is so time consuming when I can doordash and have my meal delivered in 20,” another added.

A third wrote: “She’s a woman of the people, what can I say.”

This wasn’t Taylor-Joy’s first time addressing that she doesn’t make her own food. During a recent interview with USA Today, she noted that while she enjoys following food accounts on Instagram such as Tiny Kitchen, she cannot cook well herself.

“It’s like teeny, tiny kitchen sets where they make real edible food, but it’s about half the size of my fingernail. It’s so satisfying to watch,” she said. “I’m a terrible cook, but I would love for someone to make me a teeny, tiny spaghetti Bolognese.”

Elsewhere in her interview with Page Six, the Last Night in Soho star also confessed how she reacts when she doesn’t eat regularly.

“I’m somebody who gets hanxious — hungry [and] anxious — so I just have to eat something,” she shared. “I need to eat regularly, so I need something to fill my stomach, I don’t care what it is.”