Anthony Michael Hall: Fame can be a scary thing

Anthony Michael Hall credit:Bang Showbiz
Anthony Michael Hall credit:Bang Showbiz

Anthony Michael Hall thinks fame can be "scary".

The 53-year-old actor shot to fame during his childhood, starring in TV commercials and numerous movies - and Anthony admits that being a celebrity at such a young age can be an overwhelming experience.

The Hollywood star - who plays Tommy Doyle in the new slasher film 'Halloween Kills' - explained: "Fame was off-putting and kind of scary.

"It’s not unlike a horror movie. When celebrity hits you, all of a sudden people are staring at you and looking at you in odd ways. Even though I was just a pubescent teenager, suddenly I was thrown into this world of showbusiness.

"You don’t know what people are thinking, people are whispering about you, and it’s a strange thing to have to adjust to."

Anthony actually calls celebrity his "least favourite word in our language".

However, the actor admits that he can't complain about it too much these days.

He explained to The Independent: "Over time, you put it in perspective because, look, you should be more worried when people are forgetting you.

"If they don’t remember you, that’s when you should be worried."

Anthony actually joined the cast of 'Saturday Night Live' at the age of 17.

He remains the show's youngest-ever cast member, but he admits that his time on the long-running comedy programme wasn't a success.

Anthony - who joined the show's cast during the 1985–86 season, when he was still a teenager - said: "To be very honest and candid with you, it was not great – it was a shaky-legs season.

"I’m grateful for the experience, but I didn’t have a breakout season. I didn’t even have any breakout characters or anything like that."