Update: No, of course Anthony Davis didn't really shave his unibrow

Blake Schuster
Yahoo Sports Contributor
New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis maybe shaved off his signature unibrow and the NBA will never be the same. (AP Photo)

UPDATE — April 1, 2018 : The hoax is over. Anthony Davis has revealed to the world that he didn’t really shave off his famed unibrow on Saturday.

But you knew this was coming, right? The video was too perfect. From the phone falling just as he picks up the razor, to the perfectly placed Red Bull towel over his shoulder. It was all too good to be real.

All in all this was a very admirable effort from Davis. The bar has just been set too high when it comes to April Fools jokes in the age of social media.

Original Story — March 31, 2018. 3:30p.m.

The most famous, single eyebrow in NBA history — maybe even sports history — is no more.

Yes, we gather here today to pay farewell to Anthony Davis’ unibrow. The driving force behind numerous taunts and hot takes died on Saturday. It was 25 years old.

So what spurred the change? Well, it was a fan vote that Davis posted and, boy, was it close.

Davis shared the removal of his unibrow in a Twitter video that has a good bit of product placement and even better editing.

Watch the final moments of The Brow below.

Hey, wait a minute. Does this mean we can still call him The Brow? Does Davis need a new nickname now? This is a pretty unprecedented situation in NBA history. There are no rules for what fans are supposed to do when a player gives up on his signature trait.

This is worse than the time Allen Iverson took out his cornrows. It’s certainly worth noting that we never actually see Davis shave the unibrow. And Sunday is April Fools’ Day. So there’s a good chance the unibrow magically reappears in all its glory tomorrow, but if we’re being completely honest, Davis certainly pulls off the new look.

Still, it’s just not the same. Instead of a unibrow, now all we’ll come to know Davis by are his thunderous dunks, absurd blocks and ridiculous athleticism.

Somehow, we think the NBA will survive, but what do you think? Is Davis better with two eyebrows or one?

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