Ant and Dec tease 'brutal' I'm A Celebrity All-Stars series

Ant and Dec have teased that the upcoming All-Stars version of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! is going to be "brutal".The presenters have filmed a special series of the jungle show, which features some favourite former campers, but in South Africa instead of Australia.

Video transcript

- It's coming back, though, this year, later this year.



- It's coming back this summer for a big special South African thing?

ANT MCPARTLIN: Yeah, it is.

DEC DONNELLY: Yes, we're taking some of the most popular--

- Is it all-stars or something?

DEC DONNELLY: It's kind of an all-stars. So it's some of your favorite campmates from the last 20 years.

- Right.

DEC DONNELLY: And we're taking them for a brand new challenge in South Africa.

- Right.

DEC DONNELLY: So it's a completely different landscape, and they're doing it again. And they're competing to become the first-ever "I'm a Celebrity" Legend of the Savannah. So it's--

- Legend of the Savannah, you say?



Oh, yes.

- Oh, ho, ho.

DEC DONNELLY: It's very special.

- I'm liking it.

ANT MCPARTLIN: But it's good. And it's slightly different to the show we do in Australia because they go head to head in trials, and whoever loses leaves. So it's quite brutal.

- Oh. Oh, it's like that.

ANT MCPARTLIN: So that's how we decide the winner.

- Oh, that's clever.

ANT MCPARTLIN: Yeah, it's good.

DEC DONNELLY: It's really good. We've done it already.

ANT MCPARTLIN: We had a lot of fun doing it.

DEC DONNELLY: We've done it. We've shot it and it's really, really-- it's really good.

ANT MCPARTLIN: Do you know what, though? There was loads of baboons where we were, where we filmed the series.

- I'm scared of baboons.

ANT MCPARTLIN: Baboons everywhere. Like, we'd be in the middle of doing a trial and then you would just hear the noise of-- literally, just behind the cameraman, and a whole family of baboons-- is that what you call a group of baboons?


ANT MCPARTLIN: A school of baboons. I don't know. A ballet of baboons.

- A babble of baboons.

ANT MCPARTLIN: And they would just sit-- they'd just sit, watching. Sit, watching the trial.

DEC DONNELLY: They came along--

ANT MCPARTLIN: It was fantastic.

DEC DONNELLY: In the middle of a trial, they came along and just sat--

- So that was your audience?

DEC DONNELLY: That was the audience, yeah. Hopefully, there'll be a few more watching when it goes out on telly.


- I think there may be.

ANT MCPARTLIN: We didn't get any laughs from the baboons.