Annie Mac shares secret to hangover free nights out

Annie Mac credit:Bang Showbiz
Annie Mac credit:Bang Showbiz

Annie Mac has perfected her drinking routine so she doesn't get a hangover.

The former BBC Radio 1 DJ is currently performing her Before Midnight show, a club night for the "sleep conscious" which starts at 7pm and ends before the clock strikes 12.

Annie, 44, is wary of having to be up early in the morning for her two children - whom she shares with her husband, fellow DJ Toddla T - and she has devised a way to booze through her set without suffering from the repercussions of a headache and sickness the following day.

Speaking on Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett's weekly podcast Dish, she shared: "At the moment for Before Midnight, I've figured out the key [to drinking].

"I drink water all night and every half an hour I have shot of Grey Goose. Start about nine-thirty. Nine, nine-ish, and then I go through, so I have about five or six shots, but over the course, and then you sweat it all out and you drink water. You're not hungover the next day. It works well."

Annie still has a rider for her shows, and she puts a variety of different alcoholic drinks for her friends and backstage buddies to enjoy.

The 'Who Killed The Night' presenter used to ask for pig paraphernalia on her gig rider as she loves the farmyard animals, but she had to take that unusual request off her list after she once entered her dressing room to be faced by two live pigs staring back at her.

She said: "The rider now is a bottle of champs. Bottle of Grey Goose. Loads of beers. Nice Peroni. Pack of Nurofen Express. Berocca. And various different like salads and fruit and stuff.

"I had a time where I had pigs on my rider. Like basically, I really like pigs. I like pigs a lot. As animals, not as food, as animals. Pig paraphernalia. So, it was like something piggy, like a mug with a pig on it or a fridge magnet that's a pig or something. There was a gig in Southampton where I went into my dressing room and there was two live pigs. They didn't like the bass. It was a bit much for them. At another gig like a week later. I went into the dressing room and I had a toilet attached, I got en suite and I went to go to the toilet, and one of the promoters was wearing a full human size pig outfit, and he was hiding in the toilet. After that I took pigs of the rider!"

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