Anneka Rice: 'Strictly Come Dancing left me broken and depressed'

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What: Anneka Rice reveals Strictly Come Dancing left her ‘broken and depressed'

TV presenter Anneka Rice has revealed that her stint on Strictly Come Dancing left her broken and depressed.

The 62-year-old TV personality was partnered with Kevin Clifton for the 2019 series and she was the second celebrity to be eliminated from the competition following their Kill Bill-themed Charleston during Movie Week.

Speaking on the My Mate Bought A Toaster podcast, Anneka revealed that she needed three months of physio after suffering from whiplash doing the Charleston and confessed she wasn't prepared for the physical toll the show would have on her.

"I'd never really been badly injured in my life, considering all the lunatic stunts and things I've done. But it brings you very low because I obviously wondered whether I'd ever recover," she shared. "I got quite depressed afterwards. The bit I didn't expect was how broken I'd be, for someone who's very fit.

"I was in physio for three months afterwards because I had such bad whiplash in my neck because of the last dance I did."

The Challenge Anneka host added that she wasn't the only celebrity that series to get injured - Made in Chelsea's Jamie Laing had to withdraw from the show before it began due to a foot injury, while Paralympian Will Bayley had to pull out after getting injured during training.

Anneka suspects her own injuries were due to her and Kevin not warming up enough before performing.

"Kevin and I just had a sausage roll and went for it. You're so high on adrenaline you don't actually realise how injured you are," she said.

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