Anne Hathaway is a late entrant to the lockdown pillow challenge, but it was worth the wait

Anne Hathaway is a late entrant to the pillow challenge, pictured here at the Critics' Choice Awards Januaray 2020 (Getty Images)

Anne Hathaway has put forward her entry for social media’s pillow challenge with a little inspiration from her role in the classic movie The Princess Diaries.

The #PillowChallenge has seen Instagram users style up their bedding, specifically their pillows, and share the sartorial results online.

The trend already has more than 200,000 participants looking for a little light entertainment during self-quarantine.

And the latest celebrity participant is Anne Hathaway, who channelled her character in the Disney hit film The Princess Diaries.

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Putting a regal spin on the classic pillow look, the actress, 37, recreated the outfit for the film’s poster by donning a collection of pillows to imitate the gown she wore to play character Mia Thermopolis.

She may not have had a tiara to hand, so instead Hathaway chose to toughen the look with headphones, chunky boots and some oversized sunglasses.

“A Queen is never late; everyone else is simply early,” she wrote in the accompanying caption, which referenced, the memorable line delivered by Julie Andrews, but could also hint at her own tardiness to the pillow party.

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Anne Hathaway and Princess Diaries co-star Julie Andrews, pictured together in 2011. (Getty Images)

Of course fans were quick to applaud Hathaway’s efforts.

“Hahaha I LOVE YOU!,” Jessica Chastain wrote.

“This caption is really everything I needed right now,” another user commented.

“With leadership like this, I’m moving to Genovia,” a third quipped.

Hathaway isn’t the only celebrity entrant to take on the pillow challenge.

Last week, Halle Berry upped the style ante on the quarantine-friendly look by donning heels, sunglasses, and an oversized floppy hat to accessorise her belted pillow/ball gown.

The actor also pulled a fierce high-fashion pose as she was snapped in her back garden showing off her entry to the challenge.

“You already KNOW you couldn’t keep me from the #PillowChallenge,” she captioned the snap, with a laugh crying emoji.

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Meanwhile Tracee Ellis Ross revealed a paired-back pillow challenge look as she posed in nothing but a belted fluffy pillow.