AnnaLynne McCord's new TV series, 'Let's Get Physical,' premieres tonight, and the '90210' actress shares body image advice and reveals her own weight struggles

An understatement: AnnaLynne McCord is easy on the eyes. The 30-year-old tall, blond bombshell is returning to television screens tonight in a new show called Let’s Get Physical, premiering tonight on Pop TV, and the show is all about good looks and staying fit (in a very funny and self-deprecating way).

The show, which centers around a kitschy aerobics competition in the ’80s, features McCord reprising her familiar role as a somewhat bitchy and conniving female lead à la Naomi Clark in 90210.

The actress stopped by The Morning Breath on Wednesday to discuss her own struggles with her appearance, and she encouraged girls not to be so hard on themselves whether at the gym or looking in the mirror.

“I look like I’m in good shape, and looks are deceiving,” admits McCord to co-host Claudia Oshry. Despite McCord’s character also named Claudia killing it in the gym every day, the Atlanta native admits her skills in the gym are limited to a few relaxing minutes on a bike.

Her svelte figure is purely genetics, claims the actress. “I literally would eat myself out of house and home.” Adding, “It’s 85 percent genetics. People need to understand that.”

It can’t be preached enough, but McCord echoes the sentiment that women should be more accepting of their bodies and realize that curves are cool and shapes should be celebrated.

“You can only be the best version of yourself,” shares McCord, adding, “I’m never going to be Kim Kardashian, but she might never fit into a zero.”

Don’t forget that butts are the best accessory for 2018. McCord laughs, “I would like to have a little more junk in the trunk.”

Let’s Get Physical premieres tonight at 8:30 p.m. EST on Pop TV.

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