Ankle boot wearers are more aggressive. What do your shoes say about you?

A new study conducted by the University of Kansas has revealed that our shoes may say more about us than we anticipated. No longer just that er, thing you use to cover your foot, the humble shoe apparently now allows a complete stranger to determine whether we have trouble in our relationships and whether or not we’re likely to get a bit rowdy on a night out.

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You may think you’ve heard this all before, and you’re right — some of this goes without saying. Seeing someone on the tube donning a box-fresh pair of Louboutins, you're likely to assume either that a) they’ve got some cash to spare or b) they are a gifted shoplifter with excellent taste. That much is easy.

Crazier styles are inevitably rocked by extroverts, whilst the more conscientious of us tend to keep our shoes cleaner. It’s also pretty much a given that a boring shoe equals a boring person, right? Well, apparently not. The study suggests that a ‘boring’ shoe wearer is also aloof, repressive and has trouble with relationships, and that we can sub-consciously tell this from their shoes.

Some of the most surprising revelations include the fact that scruffy shoe wearers are more likely to be liberal, and those who wear ankle boots are more aggressive. If this is true, then Alexa Chung: seek anger management immediately.

Also, those who wear the least comfortable looking shoes are among the calmest of us. Really? Maybe Lady Gaga, Daphne Guinness and Victoria Beckham should club together and found a yoga retreat if this is the case.

So what do you think? Can we judge someone on their shoes? We’re not entirely convinced. But take a look at the captions above and decide for yourself.

by Jessica Ann Spires

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