Animals Keep Cool In British Zoos As UK Hits New Temperature Record

Zoos across the UK have taken extra precautions to keep their animals cool amid the soaring temperatures. This week, Britain officially hit record temperatures which exceeded 40°C. Whilst some zoos shut their gates to the public, others offered icy treats to their residents. Over at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, seven-year-old African lion Khari and two-year-old greater one-horned rhinoceros, Zhiwa, received specially-prepared, nutritious ice blocks and cold showers. Whilst at Chessington World of Adventures, Bolivian squirrel monkies nibbled on icey fruit treats and Jackson the resident binturong, also known as a bearcat, enjoyed a delicious frozen fruit lolly made from plums and grapes. The previous record of 38.7°C was set in 2019.

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