Animals At Chicago's Brookfield Zoo Celebrate 4 July Holiday

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Animals at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago showed their patriotism by celebrating the 4 July holiday. Care specialists at the zoo created red, white, and blue Independence Day enrichment treats for several critters to experience and enjoy. The bottlenose dolphins received a floating flag made of sugar-free gelatin. Josie and Owen, two of the zoo’s California sea lions, as well as grey seals, Celia and Kiinaq seemed to enjoy their patriotic “Happy 4th of July” ice and sugar-free gelatin cakes. Additionally, the zoo’s 27-year old brown bears, Axhi and Jim were presented with red, white, and blue-coloured ice blocks filled with carrots, sweet potatoes, bones, apples, and blueberries. Meanwhile, the zoo’s North American river otters’ ice blocks had fresh water smelt frozen inside. So it’s a very happy 4 July to you from the animals of Brookfield Zoo.

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