Animals At Chicago Zoo Enjoy St Patrick's Day

Animals At Chicago Zoo Enjoy St Patrick's Day. Several of Brookfield Zoo's animals joined in the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with shamrock-shaped treats. The Zoo’s grey seals - Georgie, Kiinaq, Celia, Peanut, and Fisher - were treated to St. Patrick’s Day-themed ice and gelatin treats as were Owen and Taylor, two California sea lions. Sophia and her 6-year-old daughter Heidi, two of the Zoo’s Bornean orangutans enjoyed their leafy greens and shamrock-shaped treats made of a complete-balanced biscuit and unflavoured gelatin. To commemorate the day, staff also dyed the primates’ wood wool (bedding material) green. Also receiving the green-colored nutritious biscuits were: the Nigerian dwarf goats, T-Mo, a 3-year-old Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth; and the Bennett’s wallabies, who additionally got green pine branches, one of their favorite enrichment items.