Angelina Jolie reveals how she's teaching her children about racism

Amy Mackelden
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Angelina Jolie opened up to Harper's BAZAAR UK about the devastating affect the coronavirus pandemic has had around the world, especially impacting refugees who 'have been driven from their homes and countries by bombs, rape and violent persecution in all its forms, long before this virus'.

The actress also discussed her own family and the importance of realising her own white privilege when raising a Black daughter and children of colour.

Explaining the changes she is helping fight for, Jolie said, 'A system that protects me but might not protect my daughter—or any other man, woman or child in our country based on skin colour—is intolerable. We need to progress beyond sympathy and good intentions to laws and policies that actually address structural racism and impunity. Ending abuses in policing is just the start. It goes far beyond that, to all aspects of society, from our education system to our politics.'

Photo credit: Monica Schipper - Getty Images

Discussing the Black Lives Matter movement, the Maleficent star said, 'It feels like the world is waking up, and people are forcing a deeper reckoning within their societies. It is time to make changes in our laws and our institutions—listening to those who have been most affected and whose voices have been excluded.'

She also noted that work needs to be done both at home and abroad. 'But after almost two decades of international work, this pandemic and this moment in America has made me rethink the needs and suffering within my own country,' she revealed. 'I am focusing both globally and domestically; they are of course linked. There are more than 70 million people who have had to flee their homes worldwide because of war and persecution—and there is racism and discrimination in America.'

During the interview, Jolie was also asked, 'What advice do you have for teaching children about issues surrounding race and racism?' She replied, 'To listen to those who are being oppressed and never assume to know'.

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